Homeschool Play Lab and Acting Class

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The Light in the Library - Play Lab


Multi-Level Play and Acting Class with Staged Performance

Twelve Weeks | Ages 8-15

Mondays | January 28 - April 15

11:45 AM - 1:15 PM


Class Description


Talk about literature coming to life!  Gabby suspects something is going on in the library at night, so she enlists the help of her best friend, Paige, to do some sleuthing.  Together they hide in the library after it closes and discover that it’s haunted by a silent ghost who leads them to a book containing a cryptic poem. 

As Paige and Gabby decipher the poem, they find clues that enable them to bring fictional characters to life, starting with Jim Hawkins from Treasure Island. Jim helps them summon even more characters from other books and soon, the library is overrun with the denizens of literature — Humpty Dumpty, the Mad Hatter, Alice in Wonderland, Anne of Green Gables, Romeo, and others.  Things are definitely out of hand, but they take a turn for the worse when — shiver me timbers! — Long John Silver is inadvertently brought to life. The pirate sets out on a thieving spree, and he’s not afraid to use his cutlass to get what he wants!  It’s up to Paige, Gabby, and Jim to defeat the pirate and return the characters to their stories before the library reopens.  All that’s necessary for a happy ending is courage, ingenuity...and one more character brought to life.

Upper Elementary and Middle School students in this classroom-based play will use this creative script to enjoy this classic story and learn all about theatre while they are on stage! Acting skills will be emphasized throughout the semester and all students will have opportunities to shine on stage. The semester will end in a showcase for friends and family!

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Installment Payments Schedule

Installment 1 | Due February 1 ($95)

Installment 2 | Due March 1 ($85)

Installment 3 | Due April 1 ($85)


Class Schedule Details


Class meets on Mondays | January 28 - April 15


No Class on Monday, March 11

Dress Rehearsal on Friday, April 12 | 11:45 AM - 1:45 PM


Showcase performance

Monday, April 15 | 1:45 PM*

Call Time 11:45 AM

*exact call and performance times subject to change

No tickets needed

Questions? Contact Us At classes@getintotheact.org