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Support The ACT and your business! Place an ad for your business or organization in our program!

All ads are black and white. 

Business Program Ads
from 50.00
Ad Size:
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After payment is made, graphics and text for business ads should be sent in jpg or png format to        

Production Program Ads PRICING (one show):

⅓ Page ad (4.5″ wide x 2.25″ tall):   $50

½ Page ad (4.5″ wide x 3.25″ tall):   $100

       Full page ad (4.5″ wide x 7.5″ tall):   $150        

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Want to make your child, grandchild, or friend feel special? Place a "Happy Ad" in the program of your child’s play! Not only does it turn a simple program into an individualized keepsake for your child, it is a meaningful way to personally honor and show support for your child's hard work. 

Happy Ad
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