The Actors Conservatory Element (ACE) is a group of teens who are passionate about the performing arts and who wish to grow as actors and technical crew members. Youth ages 12 - 18 who are interested in learning more about theatre are invited to join ACE by participating in any or all of our teen programs during the school year. 

What We Offer

ACE volunteers



Times Vary

Calling all teen volunteers! Summer is just around the corner and campers ages 5-14 will be putting on productions of Alice in Wonderland Jr. and Aladdin Jr.! Volunteers can also earn 2020 TNT Conference fundraising credits. Join our staff or crew and help make the magic happen!




3:00 pm & 5:00 pm

The Texas Non-Profit Theatres Youth Conference is coming up soon! Join us at The ACT for performances of this year’s TNT show, Crushed, which the actors will then go on to perform at the conference. Admission is $5.00 and goes directly to fundraising for the conference.



Once a month, ACE will host events to spend time together as a group, as well as serve the community in different capacities. Mark your calendars now for our next events and opportunities!

TNT Conference - June 11-16


tnt youth conference participation

JUNE 11-16, 2019 | IRVING, TEXAS

WHAT IS TNT? Each June, ACE sends a group of teens to the Texas Non-Profit Theatres Youth Conference to learn more about all aspects of theatre.  A four-day event organized exclusively for youth, participants attend improv classes, 6 theatre classes for their age group, shows performed by participating theatres across Texas (including The ACT), and participate in nightly socials with other young people who share a mutual love of theatre.

WHO CAN REGISTER TO PARTICIPATE IN TNT? Registered conference attendance is open to any ACE member (ages 12-18) who attends at least one ACE event per semester. Chaperones are also needed. Please contact if an adult is interested in chaperoning.

COST? The cost for the conference varies according to the location, but ranges from $300 - $350, which includes an $90 registration fee per attendee, hotels, gas for transportation to the conference and back, and most meals. 

TNT PERFORMANCES? Some of our TNT attendees perform a 40-minute play or musical at the conference.



by Don Zolidis

Directed by Rosalinda Olivares

Performances (2): JUNE 2, 2019 | The ACT

Conference: JUNE 11-16, 2019 | IRVING, TEXAS

FUNDRAISING? Interested teens are given many opportunities to fundraise at The ACT throughout the entire year in order to offset their costs for the conference. To receive a full portion of the fundraising proceeds for the year, each teen who wishes to reduce his or her cost for the trip must earn a minimum of 14 fundraising credits during the season, or at least 7 fundraising credits during the season to receive a half portion. Fundraising opportunities for the TNT conference are year-round. To register for ACE and start receiving fundraising emails, please send an email to

CAN PARENTS AND FRIENDS ATTEND THE ACE TEENS PERFORMANCE AT THE TNT CONFERENCE? The most up to date information about TNT Conference policies can be found online at the TNT website.

HOW CAN I HELP A TEEN ATTEND THE CONFERENCE? Hardworking ACE Teens engage in fundraising year-round to help offset the cost of their trip and conference fees! Buy from our bake sales, buy specially- decorated stars at shows, attend or even host a TNT garage sale, buy tickets to the TNT show, or make a donation. Every little bit helps send a deserving teen to the conference!